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Our Confidence Our Confidence

Our confidence

We keep direct sales to our customers since our foundation is to achieve customers’ demands speedily.

Direct sales to the customers is our biggest advantage that we have put much value. We also think it is important to build a quality products by having communication with customers directly. Our product is something that touches patients' body. We put the highest priority in quality. Therefore, we know direct communication with customers is really important. We keep our effort to catch every word even nuances in communication, and to provide our ideas one step further.

our products are used in 150 countries
150 countries
Our products are used in

We have been doing business with global leading companies in Medical field. To stay up-to-date in the rapidly evolving market, we have materialized the specification requests that came from market needs by communicating directly with the companies. If the request is not technically achievable, we are passionate to provide you with an alternative that we earned from our 60 years of experience. This is why we are chosen to manufacture their products, and at the same time, we are pleased to be able to help people worldwide.

3000 kinds of products
3000 kinds
of products

Cannulae is just a small part of syringe but the combination of different point shapes, end shapes, markings, and other specification processes is why we have 3000 kinds of products. This is to support patients and doctors since the slight difference in specification poses the big difference in human body. By talking to the end users, patients and doctors, we design optimal products and this is our mission.

36G(0.12mm) capable of manufacture
36G (0.12mm)
Capable of manufacture

Painless cannulae is what every patients want, and the technical research is still on-going. The smaller the cannulae, the less painful it gets. The smallest we can manufacture is 36G which is known to be the smallest in the industry. We are ready to provide you with the highest quality cannulae that is made with our 60 years of know-how and skills.

Down to 1mm capable of manufacture
Down to1mm
Capable of manufacture

There are countless of specification requests from our customers. One of the hardest request is to manufacture small products. We are capable of cutting as small as 1mm of wires or tubes. We have been working on to acquire latest technology since the establishment. To meet the requests from customers, we will continue to seek for the latest technologies to provide you the best of the best products.

ISO 22301
ISO22301BCMS:Business Continuity Management System
Strong Business Continuity Management System

Our products helps peoples` lives. Maintaining our supply is thus essential. ISO22301, business continuity plan, is an international standard to prevent businesses from discontinuation in case of natural disaster or unexpected incident. Under the standard, we estimate the potential impact of the disaster. With the assumption, we plan what can be done, and how can it be practiced to keep manufacturing and delivering our products without any delay. We are proud to be the only cannulae manufacturer in Japan to obtain this standard, and to be virtually resilient.

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