Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co., Ltd. Nihon Chushashin Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Our Policy

Attain the continuous growth by provision of reliable products which meet clients’ needs.


We continuously strive to contribute to the international society and ensure sustainability of our business by cooperating with clients and stakeholders to resolve their challenges.

CSR Action



We are very proud that we are the first company to obtain certification under ISO13485 as a cannulae manufacturer. Our mission is to provide our high quality cannulae safely.

ISO 13485 FDA


Our distinctive feature is the business continuity management system conforming to ISO22301. We have a business continuity plan and are prepared to recover promptly in case of any incidents. We will contribute to add "resilience" to your business and actualize fortified supply chain.

BCMS 592780/ISO 22301

We are aligned with RecoveryPRO, a fully owned subsidiary of BELFOR Asia, which is a group company of BELFOR – the world's largest disaster restoration company. With their technology and expertise, we are prepared to recover our production from any incidents.


We have data backup to recover from technical difficulties. All data (e-mails, documents etc.) are secured in an outsourced server.


In January 12th, 2016, we have been awarded as "AEO: exporter".
If your country have cross certification with AEO Japan, our products have higher export priority even when unprecedented accidents such as terrorism occur.
We will maintain and reinforce our security management and our social compliance system.

AEO: exporter
AEO Logo

AEO is the programme to provide faster and simpler customs clearance service to a company that practices established shipment security and national law compliance.
The programme supports us to be internationally competitive in commerce by securely facilitating international trade.
Introduction of AEO is determined by SAFE framework by World Customs Organization, WCO, and the AEO programme by Japan is following the SAFE framework.
Reference: Japan customs website

We are highly secured by electronic lock and cargos are monitored 24h with surveillance cameras.




We are active in protecting our surrounding natural environment. Our factory introduced solar power system to make use of renewable energy sources. Wastewater from our factory is purified until it is cleaner than mandated by all applicable codes and regulations.
We newly added solar panels to the roofs of two buildings In December 2023.


We also participate together with local people in the "Annual Grand Festival" held every summer at "Oji Shrine (Tokyo Jusha)" located in Oji Honcho 1-chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo where our head office is located.
In 2019 and 2023, the main shrine's mikoshi was taken outside the shrine.
By donating to shrines and town associations and participating in events, we are striving to restore the region and protect traditions.


The 700th Anniversary Festival was held at Oji Shrine (Tokyo Jissha), located in 1-Chome, Oji-honcho, Kita city, Tokyo in September 2022. Along with a donation, we dedicated a drum used for gagaku (used in ancient Japanese court music) (upper left in the upper row: raku-daiko).
Stone monument commemorating the 700th anniversary of the founding of Oji Shrine (upper center, upper right: stone monument) was built in May 2023.
We will continue to make contributions to the local community.

We are working daily to make contributions and revitalize the local community by sponsoring a traditional fireworks display held in Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture - where our factory is located - and by actively prioritizing employment of local people.

Fire Works

As social contribution activities, we are enthusiastic in continuous supports.
We visit children in orphanage in China and donate to nurture children with bright future.

Cooperating with the "Oji Crime Prevention Association" and the "Oji Traffic Safety Association", we strive to contribute to local crime prevention activities by providing information such as video records of our security cameras if requested.

Oji Traffic Safety Association


We comply with applicable laws and regulations and take our corporate responsibility.

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